Customizable Home Page

Your company will have a fully customizable home page in Field Link Online. Post important information, links to common company forms, various statistics, or anything else.


View a list of all active projects and see how well you are performing on each job and its percent completed. The project list allows you to choose a project to open, but also gives you valuable up to the minute information about the total performance of each job.


Choosing a project from the Project List will give you summary information and allow you to efficiently monitor daily progress. The Project Statistics screen gives you general information related to the selected job, such as man hours used and total time sheets.


Enter Labor, Equipment & Rental hours, Material & Subcontract quantities, daily item production quantities, and customizable notes forms.


Know where you stand on every job by comparing estimate to actual costs.


Individual permission settings for every type of user to keep project information secure and only accessible to personnel you choose. Virtually every function can be individually turned on or off to match your preference.