4 Ways Field Tracking Increases Profitability

If you’re having difficulty manually tracking your project costs for a construction project, it’s time to invest in field tracking software. This type of software provides more efficient ways of tracking time and job cost variances against what you estimated. Let’s discuss four benefits of using software to improve your job cost tracking and field operations.

Improved Accuracy

Coffee-stained paper timesheets, daily emails from your foremen, or spreadsheets – whatever you’re using, it’s cumbersome, time-consuming, and riddled with potential errors. Double and triple manual entries between different systems costs precious time and money. With field tracking software, your employees get paid for the work they actually complete. This helps minimize the risk of paying for work that wasn’t done and gives you instant visibility into production levels. This software helps you manage your crews with real-time data, providing a more accurate view of what’s happening in the field without waiting for payroll periods to end before knowing – and by then it’s too late to adjust.

Easy Payroll Process

Gathering timesheets from employees and putting their hours into a spreadsheet is time-consuming. In addition to being a time-consuming process, manually entering the timesheet data into multiple spreadsheets and payroll systems increases the probability for human error. Field tracking software with integrated electronic timesheets eliminates manual entry, thus decreasing the risk of errors and time spent managing your employees’ timesheets.

When you access your field tracking software, you see all timesheets for current projects. These timesheets let you analyze your employees’ time and the work they performed each day. You can instantly see daily notes, labor and equipment hours, as well as other resources used on the projects. Instead of spending hours putting all that information together manually, field tracking software gives you instant visibility to understand what’s happening on your projects before it’s too late to make adjustments.

Decreases the Risk for Unpredicted Costs

Unexpected costs, delays, material changes or shortages, and other risks may happen during a construction project. Without construction software, it’s harder to know what’s happening without relying on a phone call or email from your project manager. Even then, how do you quantify that data? Field tracking software gives you real-time data about your project, helping you make adjustments in the field quickly to keep your job’s schedule and budget on track.

Employee Responsibility

Field tracking software comes equipped with electronic timesheets so employees are accountable for their hours. Hours and production quantities must be logged on the job site, helping to eliminate the opportunity for your employees to falsify their time worked on projects. With field tracking, you’re able to recognize shortcomings with your employees, see trends in behavior, and make corrections with them before it’s too late.


Construction Field Tracking software gives you and your office time back in the day and helps you track your actual job costs in the field – giving you better peace of mind knowing real numbers instead of guessing. If you’re ready to improve productivity and profits, The Construction Link provides simple, easy-to-use construction field tracking software. Start a free trial today to see how our can change the way you do business.

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