Cloud Hosted
Estimating Solutions

Access your software and data anytime, anywhere. Enhance mobility and efficiency without the need for traditional on-premise servers or extensive in-house IT infrastructure.

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Cloud Link - Work from anywhere, anytime

Work from Anywhere

With Cloud Link, you gain the flexibility to access Estimating Link and all your essential data from any location, anytime, as long as there is internet access. This mobility is crucial for maintaining productivity in a mobile-first world.

Cloud Link - Optimal Speed & Performance

Optimal Speed & Performance

The platform runs on TCLI's private cloud, ensuring that your applications operate at peak performance levels without the typical slowdowns associated with overloaded systems. All program updates are automatically implemented.

Cloud Link - Alleviate IT Worries

Alleviate IT Worries

Cloud Link significantly reduces the need for in-house IT infrastructure and the associated costs. Your applications are updated automatically, and you don't have to deal with the maintenance of clunky servers.

Cloud Link-Secure Data Management

Secure Data Management

Cloud Link ensures that your data remains safe and confidential through TCLI's private cloud infrastructure, leveraging advanced security measures to protect sensitive information.

Cloud Link

Cloud Hosted Estimating Solutions built for heavy construction bidding, tracking, and billing.



All in One Place
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All your heavy construction estimating apps & data all in one place, easy to access place. Bid It, Track It, and Get Paid For It.

Multi-User Capability
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Allows multiple users to access and work simultaneously, enhancing collaboration.

Secure & Reliable
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Powered by Microsoft’s gateway firewall ensuring robust security and privacy.

Redundant Backup
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State-of-the-art disaster recovery and backup options to safeguard data. Automatic backup to Cloud Link and ability to back up locally.

Automatic Updates
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All your software is automatically updated with the most recent releases.

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Award Winning Customer Support

Award Winning Customer Support

New user onboarding, customized training, and annual virtual classroom training included with your purchase to ensure your success.

Phone & Email Support

Phone & Email Support

All our support is handled in the United States, and our knowledgeable and friendly team is on stand-by, ready to help.

Award winning Customer Support:

Knowledge Link

Knowledge Link

Enjoy our online library of videos, tutorials, how-to documents, and recorded live training at your fingertips.

Virtual Training Series

Virtual Training Series

Take advantage of our live virtual training to stay educated on our programs - included for all customers.

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