Field Link Online provides time sheet recording as well as instant job performance analysis all within your web browser. This online application is available from any computer with an Internet connection and can be used in the office as well as in the field. Start using this great tool for a very reasonable cost per user. Call 800-448-0741 for a quote.

  • Executives can quickly track job and resource status
  • Administrators can automatically generate email messages for real time notifications.
  • Foremen can easily customize and record resource use on Electronic Time Sheets
  • Payroll clerks can integrate Field Link Time Sheets to existing payroll systems
  • Project Managers can graphically monitor project or individual resource variance.


Replace your hard-to-read, hand-written time sheets with a construction time sheets electronic solution.

Advantages of Electronic Time Sheets

  • Easy to read
  • Convenient to review
  • Instantly available to the main office
  • Easier to transfer to payroll

What Can Be Tracked

  • Employees can be tracked by overtime & standard time as well as equipment usage for operators.
  • Equipment can be tracked by operating & idle time to account for varying fuel consumption & repair cost.
  • Material & Subcontract quantities can be tracked.
  • Quantity completion, production and variance for each task.
  • Advanced Notes feature can be used for each time sheet.
  • Time Sheets can be completed for any of three designated shifts.


Instantly determine a crew’s actual production with detailed analysis of which tasks are on target, and which are not.

  • The analysis page will allow you to see the total variance of a job at any time. Find production problems immediately and move to correct problems before they affect your schedule or bottom line!
  • Also view the variance for a single time sheet to analyze job performance of individual crews that are working for you.
  • Use the analysis data in future estimates to increase accuracy.


Field Link Online interfaces with both Estimating Link as well as Billing Link software packages.

  • Project estimates can be transmitted to Field Link Online with a single click.
  • Time Sheet Production information can be automatically sent to Billing Link.
  • Field Link Online is adjustable to your company’s pay period for efficient payroll input.
  • Messages can be sent to your email system to alert management of critical events.