Field Link is an effective online tool that will help you be more effective manage your projects using electronic time sheets and tools for performance analysis.

A replacement for hand-written time sheets

Electronic time sheets  save time and money because they are easier to read, more convenient to review, instantly available to the main office and make it easier to transfer hours to your payroll.

Project tracking information at your fingertips

Electronic time sheets also expand the amount of information you can easily access to track key data points.

  • Hours worked, by employee, including overtime
  • Equipment utilization
  • Material and subcontractor quantities
Analysis tools help determine a crew's actual production
  • Find production and scheduling problems immediately.
  • Leverage analysis data to refine future bids.
An integrated solution for Estimating, Project Tracking and Billing

Field Link works effectively with both Construction Link’s Estimating Link and Billing Link products to create an end-to-end solution for managing projects.

  • Project estimates transmitted to Field Link with one click
  • Time sheets automatically sent to Billing Link
  • More efficient management of payroll processing
FIeld Link Online Home Page can be customized to meet your needs

The Home Page is displayed after a user logs into the Field Link Online system. This home page is specific to your company and can be modified in any way you see fit. This works just as any other web site. You can link to documents on another website such as OSHA safety regulations, weather forecasts, DOT documents, or you can simply enter content directly into a panel without linking to anything else.