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Designed for unit price and lump sum bidding, Estimating Link is a complete estimating and bidding software. It is ideal for users that need a fast, effective way to bid heavy highway, environmental, bridges, site work and civil projects, and for both state and private commercial work.

Estimating Link uses three main components that operate together to simplify the flow and process for developing winning proposals.

  • Rate Tables are resources such as labor and material.
  • Item Sheets combine resources divided by the take off quantity to determine unit cost.
  • Bid Sheets assemble the items to determine project cost. To enter cost on the first phase of the project, the estimator would click on Item Sheets from the main menu.

Central, Organized Database

Store and reuse estimates, items, rates, crews, assemblies, templates, catalogs, vendors, customers, etc.  Re-use task data from job to job and scale it.  Quantities adjust and labor and equipment costs will automatically scale to the amount of time needed.


Small jobs can be quickly pulled together without any special setup processes. You can easily use bid items from previous jobs and print the proposal. You can manually enter bid prices without the need to perform any cost workups at all. You can literally bid a small job in a matter of minutes.

Large jobs can be handled just as easily as small jobs. Re-use task data from previous jobs to get the basic tasks of the job setup quickly, and then fine-tune as needed. You will also benefit from built-in multi-user support which will allow several estimators to simultaneously work on the same job while at their desks.


You can complete your first bid the same day you install this estimating software for contractors. You are not required to go through a long setup process to enter detailed data for labor, equipment or other rates. If you prefer, you can also build Rate Libraries in advance of working on bids or easily enter the information as needed for a bid. After a few jobs you’ll have a large library that you can start to re-use on new jobs, saving even more time.