Explore the topics below to learn about some of the key features and highlights of our Estimating Link bidding and estimating software.

Bid Sheets are Fast, Easy to Use and Proven

Estimating Link uses a Bid Sheet that is a summary of all the primary Item Sheets with the unit costs extended by the Bid Quantity. It allows the estimator to add project overhead, bond costs, corporate overhead and desired profit percentages. It provides tools for calculating optimal bid units and unbalancing. The Bid Sheet also gives the estimator the flexibility of making last minute changes to cost and/or bid prices with immediate final results.

A cost analysis can be built for each phase or item in a project

The Item Sheets allow the estimator to build a cost analysis of each phase or item of a project.  Primary items are used as the building blocks of the Bid Sheet.  A complex item can be composed of many sub items by use of the costs/combine function

Estimating Link provides an easy what-if analysis of costs with different production rates or day lengths. 

Powerful tools for building your cost estimate
  • Bid balancing
  • Metric to English conversion
  • Alternate and fixed price items
  • Move Money feature
  • Bid setup is simple.
  • Review total costs for your work activities.
  • Information is set up in easy-to-read format.
  • Simple, one-time setup of your reusable labor codes and hourly rates
Accounting and Scheduling Interfaces

Estimating Link can export data to the following accounting systems:

  • Quick Books
  • Cheetah
  • ComputerEase
  • Computer Guidance
  • Constructive Computing
  • ViewPoint
  • Sage 300
  • Sage 100
  • All-Pay
  • Explorer
  • Spectrum
  • Foundation
  • Lawson
  • Master Builder
  • Maxwell
  • Timberline
  • True Line

If you do not see your specific accounting software listed above, contact us and ask about adding an interface to your system.


Estimating Link also can export data to the following scheduling systems:

  • Microsoft Project
Built-In Digitizer Take-off Module

Estimating Link is the only system which includes a built-in digitizer take-off module. You can place your blueprints on a digitizer board and perform area, linear, area volume, sloped area, count, or trench volume take-offs by simply tracing the areas on the blueprint.

Using a digitizer and measuring your own take-offs can allow you to uncover mistakes made by engineers in their estimated quantities. Estimating Link helps you to use such underruns or overruns to your advantage by determining the actual amount of work you’ll need to do.

Re-use Task Data From Your Previous Bids

Developing costs for individual tasks can be the most time consuming portion of bidding a job. Most companies have a core set of tasks to perform on many of the jobs they bid, such as paving or pipe lines, which usually only differ in the miles of asphalt or meters of pipe. These tasks require the same workers using the same equipment on each job.

Estimating Link improves your productivity by allowing you to re-use task data from project to project and scale the task to the appropriate amount of work being done. If an earlier bid was based on 3 miles of asphalt and your current job is for 1.5 miles, simply import the task data from the previous job to the current one. Your quantities for hot mix will automatically be adjusted accordingly. Your labor and equipment costs will also be automatically scaled to the amount of time needed for the smaller quantity.

No more anxiety over remembering to factor in a laborer or piece of equipment with Estimating Link, because it’s always stored in the Rate Library.

State DOT Bidding Support

Estimating Link makes it quick and easy to transfer data into and out of Expedite™, the DOT’s electronic bidding application. Once both programs are set up on the estimators computer, Estimating Link directly imports the state’s proposal items into Estimating Link. When the estimator is ready to submit the job, Estimating Link exports the project directly back into Expedite™.

Multi-User Support

Members of your team can collaborate to create both a division of labor and a higher level of efficiency in preparing winning proposals.

Update Your Projects with Last Minute Changes

The ability to make last-minute changes can be the most important part of submitting the winning bid. In the construction industry, the term “last-minute” is literally that. Receiving a new quote from a vendor at 1:59 for a 2:00 bid is typical.

In these situations, you need to plug in the new price and have it update your entire bid NOW. That’s what the power of Estimating Link is all about!

Update fuel prices, material price quotes, subcontractor quotes, or anything else in a job, and the changes are made immediately. Your bid is updated and the proposal is being printed with 30 seconds still on the clock. That’s last-minute estimating in Estimating Link.