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Benefits of Construction Estimating Software No One’s Talking About

There are many articles highlighting the top benefits of construction estimating software. Accuracy, speed, and precision are the most highlighted benefits. But what are some other benefits no one is talking about? Read on to learn about other little-known benefits of construction estimating software.

Quick Cost-Saving Opportunities

One of the many benefits of estimating software is you will no longer have to spend hours researching and comparing vendors. Estimating software provides subcontractor and vendor rate comparisons quickly and easily. With estimating software, you can easily compare the prices of vendors and add the price to your bid.

Price Visibility for Customers

Another benefit of estimating software is price visibility for customers. Organizing all reports in a seamless format and including the finer details for customers makes your company look prepared and professional. Before customers choose a contractor, they want to see the estimate for the project and how they arrived at the price. Estimating software allows project details to be presented to a customer in a easy-to-read and professional manner.

Easy-to-read, detailed data allows the customer to trust your company because there are no hidden fees or incomprehensible details. It justifies any costs the customer may question before selecting your company. The price breakdowns your estimating software creates allows you to stand out from other construction companies who may be using outdated data tools.

Easier Budgeting for Cash Flow

Improved budgeting is a huge benefit of estimating software. The software provides accuracy to the penny so you can stay within your cost budgets. Using built-in formulas and calculations, you can quickly review your estimate’s overruns and underruns and move money around to take advantage of margins on a project up front – so you’re spending the customer’s money and not your own.

Improve Your Professional Reputation

Not only do clear, easy-to-read estimates provide transparency in pricing, they also convey professionalism. If your estimates are not presented to the customer in an organized fashion, your company may look disorganized and unprofessional. Professional, organized, and easy-to-read estimates create confidence and trust in your company. Estimating software bring you confidence as well. By easily finding data and other documents, you will be confident when going over the numbers with your customer.

Use Historical Data for Project Planning

Construction estimating software benefits your current projects and future projects. Key reports improve your estimating strategies for your projects. You can refer to data from past projects when you are taking on new jobs. The data helps plan for unexpected projects costs that may have been identified on previous projects and helps you plan for similar future projects. Estimating software also generates reports quickly so you can easily do an overall cost analysis on projects to create better estimating strategies for your business.


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